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American Car Holds The World’s Fastest Production Car Record


Nope, the title doesn’t belong to any famous automakers you may know.

SSC North America, a Washington State-based automaker, stated last Monday that their Tuatara hypercar broke the world record as the fastest production car. The said vehicle was able to reach up to 316.11 miles per hour after two dashes in a location outside Las Vegas.

The SSC Tuatara Hypercar is the world’s fastest production car.
Image: Shutterstock

Not One, But Two Records

The attempt for the world record happened last Saturday at a seven-mile stretch of a Nevada highway. Simultaneously, the Tuatara hypercar’s record attempt also managed to get another record. During the run, the Tuatara also got the highest speed achieved on a public road at 331.15 miles per hour.

Before SSC, the title belonged to Bugatti for less than two years. It’s modified Bugatti Chiron able to run 304.8 miles per hour on a German track. And prior to Bugatti, the Swedish car company Koenigsegg held the title of the world’s fastest production car. The Agera RS managed to run with an average of 277.87 miles per hour after two runs in Nevada.

world's fastest production car - SSC Tuatara Hypercar
Prior to SSC Tuatara, a modified Bugatti Chiron held the title for more than a year.
Image: Shutterstock

More To Come

The Tuatara hyper is the second vehicle built by SSC that snatched the world’s fastest production car title. The slick-looking sports car comes with butterfly doors and has a horsepower of up to 1,750 produced by its turbo V-8 engine. The company, which was founded in 1998, stated that it took them more than a decade to develop and design the record-breaking model. They also added that they took cues from fighter jets for the design.

No one is happier more than Jerod Shelby, the company’s SEO. He said that the team’s performance transcended his own expectations and was just satisfied with the result after years of “setbacks”.

Want to get your own Tuatara? SSC is eyeing to produce 100 of the models to sell to the customers. No reports yet as to when they’re planning to start producing.

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