Dealerships and Consumers Across the Country Are Choosing Carketa.

Inspire unwavering loyalty, increase sales, and grow market share with actionable and predictive insights that go beyond traditional brand tracking. Move your business forward with a dynamic approach to brand experience management that enables smarter and faster decisions on the areas that matter most.

The STREAMLINED RECON PROCESS that lets you sell more with less hassle.

Retail Carketa Condition reports

Carketa Vehicle Condition Report’s features make it easier for car dealers. Our condition reports can easily integrate with any dealership website, no matter what Dealer Management System (DMS) used. No need for manual fill-ups; once the report is ready then it will automatically integrate with vehicles.

Give consumers a reason to purchase with you via the Condition reports.

With Carketa Condition Reports, there’s no need for your customers to look for vehicle information elsewhere. All they need to know is in one single report.
Just choose the vehicle you want to check and all the necessary information will come right up.

Expand your digital market

Your market doesn’t have to be limited within the four corners of your locale. With our condition reports, you can now sell your vehicles to out-of-state buyers, and set their expectations for each purchase.
It is essential to provide all the information car buyers need to know before purchasing. With condition reports, such as ours, which are packed with all the right and updated data, you’ll be able to convince buyers better and give them reasons to buy.

Set expectations for out of state buyers

Our mission at Carketa revolves around transparency, because every customer deserves peace of mind when buying a used vehicle. That’s why our pre-purchase condition reports have been carefully crafted to provide in-depth, accurate information on every vehicle we inspect. The report covers over 60 categories and over 200 points of inspection. Therefore, with the Carketa current condition report, you’ll know exactly what’s under the hood when buying your next used vehicle.
We understand how overwhelming the car buying experience can be, let Carketa take the guesswork out of it. We have partnered with dealerships across the country that provide the best inventory on the market, and we have the reports to prove it.

Carketa Recon Tool

Drive Results through Actions and Accountability.

Carketa Reconditioning Tool

Our recon tool is the best tool a car dealership can have. It’s time to say goodbye to waiting for paper reports and walking from one department to the other to check on the recon status. With Carketa’s recon tool, you can save time and increase profit as you manage every process from anywhere to anytime from your mobile device.