It’s All About Carketa

Carketa uniquely enables vehicle dealerships around the world to reach new heights. Our customers turn their inventory quicker, increase gross, and compete above the new wave online dealers.

About Carketa

Carketa was founded in 2019 to improve the car buying experience to the benefit of dealerships. We believe dealerships must evolve to compete in the digital world. Carketa will be the vessel that helps dealerships compete online.

Our Mission

In everything we do, we believe in a better car buying experience. We help dealerships realize their potential and compete online.

Our Offer

We help dealerships dramatically decrease expenses by streamlining their recon process and getting vehicles front line ready faster than ever. We also help dealerships sell more cars by reaching more customers, improving online customer acquisitions, and improving conversion rates to increase sales.

Trusted by dealerships across the US and Canada!

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Carketa is powering the Dealership Industry

Carketa is expanding your network in order to help you maximize profits and provide inventory solutions. With access to 60,000+ units, your ability to be versatile with today’s markets grows exponentially.
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Carketa Humble Story

How we start, what we have achieved so far.

Working at Carketa

We are always on the lookout for dynamic, passionate, and success-oriented individuals to join our growing company.

Careers at Carketa

A young company but definitely thriving! Join our group of diverse and dynamic people who are the best at what they do. If you believe you’re the right fit for this company, or if you simply want to be a part of the team, we may just have the position for you.

Why Join us?

Here in Carketa, we believe that teamwork makes the dream work. Not just our dreams and goals, but yours as well. We value everyone’s hardwork, dedication, and opinion here and reward them accordingly. Plus, we are a fun bunch!

Carketa Departments

Although Carketa consists of different departments, we still act and work as one. Below are the different teams that make Carketa an awesome company in so many ways.

Need help?

Call our support team 24/7 at

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