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Benefits Of The Carketa Car Recon App

The Car App is your own virtual recon assistant. Just more human.

The Carketa serves as any other car app out there. The app oversees the recon process for you, notify buyers and employees, and letting you keep track of your work on the palm of your hand. But what Carketa has that no other car app offers is our chat tool. Carketa is simple to use, but we make it simpler to all users by having a recon expert stand by. You can chat with them anytime if you have any questions and they will answer as fast as possible.

More detailed recon process cut in half.

Our developers designed and organized the app to make every recon process as seamless as possible. With this amazing recon tool, you would be able to say goodble to crunching numbers and manual piling of datas in spreadsheets. You would be able to save time, money, and even the environment as there will be less paper usage. Get the Carketa car app and experience what dynamic recon workflow should be and get to do that anywhere, anytime.

More time means more profit.

Most car dealerships, if not all, aim to increase their profit. The problem is, car dealers don’t have enough time to focus on both sales and recon. With Carketa, that problem becomes a thing of the past. Let the car app focus on the recon process while you keep an eye over your sales. And when you have more time for sales, you have more chances of growing your sales income, month after month.

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