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  • Better buying and Liquidation Decisions
  • True reconditioning automation
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Enhanced digital brand experience

” An automated software solution that handles the complete process of Acquisition to sold is fastly becoming a NECESSITY, not a LUXURY. ” Carketa is the first of its kind that handles just that regardless of your current DMS.


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Better Buying Decisions, True Automated Reconditioning, and Customer Acquisition. One System.

Some Facts.


800+ Dealerships nationwide and internationally that have joined the Carketa Family.


Carketa Condition Reports are the only reports with built-in quality control metrics to maintain the trust and transparency of every report generated. We are committed to adding value in your brand.


Carketa directly integrates via our reconditioning platform directly with your dealership website and other third party listing platforms. We actively have over 246k backlinks and growing.


Over 500,000 real-time connections made via text message and push notifications. Carketa improves internal and external communication in your dealership and with consumers.

Carketa Recon does the heavy lifting.

Our developers designed and organized the app to make every recon process as seamless as possible. With this recon tool, you would be able to say goodbye to crunching numbers and manual piling of datas in spreadsheets. Our system was built in mind that your only as good as the people using the software. Carketa’s focus on ease of use and efficiencies has led to customers both nationwide and internationally. Carketa actively is working with some of the biggest names in the franchise and independent dealership space.


More time means more profit.

Most car dealerships, if not all, aim to increase their profit. The problem is, car dealers don’t have enough time to focus on both sales and recon. With Carketa, that problem becomes a thing of the past. Let the car app focus on the recon process while you keep an eye over your sales. And when you have more time for sales, you have more chances of growing your sales income, month after month.

Carketa Valuation

Carketa valuation ensures that you’re making the correct buying and liquidation decisions every time. We provide you with key metrics such as Market Days Supply, Live Market Data, Average turn, book values and more to keep your dealership ahead of the competition while building value into your dealerships inventory by way of the Carketa Recon App and Carketa Condition report.

Carketa Condition Report

In world that has transitioned into a “Race to the bottom” Carketa has developed a Current condition report to capitalize on your dealerships existing reconditioning process. We want to help give you tools and ammunition that give consumers confidence and a reason to choose your product over the competition. We are committed to building value back in your brand.

DMS Integration?

No problem. We are a bolt-on solution to every dealership regardless of the DMS you are using. You could consider us your operational heart beat of your dealership beyond just your typical reconditioning software. We are committed to providing you with software solutions that help you dominate the digital space.

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Let a recon expert show you the ropes of the Carketa car app. When you fill up the sign up form, we will get in touch with you on our scheduled time and show you how you can easily work on the app and how it can benefit your used car dealership business. The best part of all, is that it’s for free with no credit card required. And it only takes 15 minutes or less.

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