Carketa Recon Tool Training – Admin Training (Recon Tool Only)

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Carketa Recon Tool Training Overview

If you are not an Admin User for your dealership, please see the Carketa Recon Tool Training – Employee Training

The following training will take you step by step through the process of setting up your Recon Tool to a unique workflow that works best for your dealership. It will then guide you through using Carketa Recon to streamline that recon process and get vehicles ready for sale faster.

This training is designed to guide you through the whole process of setting up and using the Carketa Recon Tool. If you are working with a Carketa Performance Manager, you may have already reviewed some of these topics. If that is the case, simply mark that topic as complete and move forward. You can always come back and revisit topics that you’ve already marked completed if you need a refresher.