Recon Tool: Getting Familiar with the Recon Tool

In this section, we’ll build a foundation of understanding the reconditioning tool. This will allow you to factor in important features when building your recon process.

In this video, we will go over Daily Numbers, Categories, and all of the buttons in the Recon Tool and their purpose.

View Step by Step Guide: Navigating the Recon Tool (5 min)


In this video, we will discuss how vehicles are added to the Recon Tool. If your DMS port is already linked, vehicles will port over automatically. To add manually, you can use the vin scanner on the Carketa App or manually entering the vin on the App or web browser.

Watch Video: Adding Vehicles to Your Recon Tool (2 min)


In this video, you’ll see how vehicles move through the Recon Process and how you can track vehicles through the process.

Watch Video: Moving Vehicles Through the Recon Process (3 min 30 sec)


In this video, we’ll review the Recon Page and the information it provides.

Watch Video: Navigating the Vehicle Recon Page (3 min 30 sec)