Recon Tool: Using Your Recon Tool

Now that you’ve built a recon process that works for you, let’s go over the finer details of using the recon tool. Once you’ve completed this section, I highly recommend re-visiting the “Edit Recon Tool” section and making adjustments to your recon process as needed.

Category ownership is the key to a consistent and reliable reconditioning process. Setting up category owners creates accountability throughout the organization and ensures vehicles are always being pushed to the next step of recon.

In this video, we review how you can use categories and establish this accountability within your organization.

View Step by Step Guide: Using Categories and Creating Category Ownership (4 min)


Subcategories and Permanent Subcategories are a great tool that can help to keep your Recon Tool clean and organized. It’s also a great way to add a checklist for unique work that needs completed in a category.

For example, using a subcategory under a “Mechanic Needed” category can include steps for any work that needs to be done. You can add items such as: new brakes, tpms issue, and/or head gaskets need replaced. Each of these items becomes an item that needs to be checked off. The “Mechanic Needed” step will not be complete until all subcategories have been marked as complete.

View Step by Step Guide: Adding Subcategories and Permanent Subcategories (4 min)


The vehicle chat function is a great way to allow teams to communicate in an organize setting. Keep chats organized by vehicle so you never go searching for information again. Tagging a single user or multiple users in a comment to assign tasks, get updates, or get the ball rolling.

View Step by Step Guide: Using the Comment/Chat Functions (1 min 30 sec)


When using the app, push notifications make it easy to communicate with the team, track your messages, and manage your tasks.

If you are not receiving push notifications on your device, please check your notifications settings in your device for the Carketa app. If those are enabled and you are still not receiving push notifications, please contact customers service for assistance.

View Step by Step Guide: Viewing Notifications and Completing Tasks (1 min 30 sec)