Recon+: Adding the Carketa Report to Your Recon Process

Dealerships have told us that the Carketa Report is one of their most valuable resources that has helped them sell more cars and protect their gross margin. In this section, we’ll add the Carketa Report to your Recon Tool and teach you everything you need to know about using the report to create a better recon process and sell more vehicles.

Carketa Reports are helping dealerships across the nation. Whether you’re looking to compete more effectively online, or looking to increase your close rate, the Carketa Report will help you do just that.

This video will help you get familiar with the Carketa report so you know how best to use it in your business.

View Step by Step Guide: Why Use the Carketa Report (4 min)


Whether you’re completing the inspection at the beginning of the recon process, or creating the report once you’ve completed the vehicle reconditioning, the process of completing the report will be the same.

In this video, we’ll complete an actual inspection. As you get more familiar with the tool, the process will become easier and faster. Once you’ve watched the video, complete an inspection on one of your vehicles and reach out to your account manager with any questions you have.

View Step by Step Guide: Completing an Inspection (10 min)


A Carketa Report is only as good as the Recon Process that ensures the quality of the vehicle. In this video, we’ll review how you can integrate the Inspection into your recon process to avoid disruption and get the most out of your Carketa Recon process.

View Step by Step Guide: Adding Inspections to your Recon Process (5 min)


Carketa Reports help you highlight the work you do on a vehicle. The Approve Repair function is an easy way to update the report with any work that you complete on your vehicle and seamlessly organize that work directly into your recon process.

View Step by Step Guide: Submitting Repairs Using the Approve Repair Function (7 min 30 sec)