Ford Bronco Dealerships? American Car Company Gives Green Light To 100 Dealers For Dedicated Bronco Sales Sites

Ford-Bronco-Dealership ford bronco at night

American car company Ford announced last week that it’s giving 100 Ford dealers the go signal to develop Bronco sales sites for their dealerships.

As expected, the revamped version of the classic American vehicle got positive reviews. It’s been acclaimed by so many times that Ford decided to take it to the next level. That next level means that we could see exclusive Ford Bronco dealerships pretty soon.

According to the reports, Ford already granted 100 car dealerships across the United States approval to establish standalone Bronco sales sites. The car company also added that the stores will come in three types; full, partial, and in-store sites. This is according to a report by Automotive News.

Not Ford’s Idea

But this is not something that Ford had thought of. In fact, the idea of Ford Bronco dealerships came from the dealers themselves. These specific dealerships came up with this idea because the model is surprisingly popular. The Bronco’s new version made fans and cynics alike happy. They enjoy its utility-oriented build with a touch of modern technology added to the mix. This brilliant marketing idea impressed the higher-ups at Ford HQ so much that they are willing to reward dealerships who will do so with increased product allocation.

ford bronco at a car show

Will Exclusive Ford Bronco Dealerships Ever Work?

According to a Jalopnik article, the Ford Bronco standalone dealership idea might work, and it’s not that difficult to see why. For one, reservations for a new Bronco converted to sales at more than 65% – which is a feat not many car companies enjoy. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, the Bronco Sport model already sold more than 23,000 units.

Plus, standalone shops are becoming more practical these days. Many companies from different industries apply boutique shops with specialized items. And the returns have been impressive. This way, dealerships will not only be able to sell Ford Bronco units, but Bronco specialized items and accessories as well. This is an excellent chance to connect with Bronco fans and let non-fans understand and appreciate the vehicle better.

This idea may also work for the automaker. Apart from more expanded brand recognition, exclusive Ford Bronco dealerships may provide more advertising points and ads for the famed vehicle. As for the customers, they would be able to take advantage of the special offers. Plus, they would be able to get the best accessories that Ford can provide.

However, there are some drawbacks dealerships should consider. If they go after the standalone stores, they will need to have a dedicated staff. These staffers should have expanded knowledge about the vehicles. For dealerships, that means they need to shell out a bigger budget for it. But when they’re going to put a more effective marketing strategy, they may be able to get back even more.

Looking For Used Ford Vehicles?

If there are no standalone Ford Bronco dealerships in your area, there’s no need to worry. This is true, especially if you’re not looking for a Bronco in particular. You can always check out some used vehicles inventory and online marketplace. But don’t just pick one. Constantly look for a vehicle condition report where you will find detailed information on the vehicles.

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