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GM Has A New Logo: What Do You Think?


A few days ago, General Motors (GM) released its new logo to the public due to its extensive rebranding. Did people like it? Or did it turn a significant number of the population into a group of design critics?

It seems like a lot of well-known brands are into rebranding nowadays. One of these brands includes the all-American car manufacturer General Motors (GM). Being in the automotive industry, we all know the impact it has brought to our market. For the benefit of those who don’t, GM is famous for creating American car brands, like the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. They are operating on all six continents, making them one of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet. With their unfurled and even growing popularity, who would have thought that they needed a rebranding?

Apparently, they do, to adapt to the changing times. According to this report by The Chronicle Herald, this is the first logo change since 1964. The new logo symbolizes the future of the world and the automotive industry.

Below is GM’s new logo.

According to the same report, the small ‘m’ in the logo is set to look like an electrical plug to signify the company’s major shift to electric vehicles. The color palette has also been changed from an ocean-esque blue to a lighter hue that resembles the sky. And the g in the GM is just g.

According to Deborah Wahl, GM global chief marketing officer, “There are moments in history when everything changes. Inflection points. We believe such a point is upon us for the mass adoption of electric vehicles.” Check their website here to look at their entire rebranding.

It’s Not Just GM That Has A New Logo

Not sure what they are up to, but many big brands and companies took off their old logos and changed them to a new, more “modern” one in the past year. Below are three big brands who decided they were tired of their old look, so they modified it in 2020.


gm-new-logo 0b1mw new logo00\
photo courtesy of People

Yes, the fabled German automobile company changed its logo after more than a century! Well, not much has changed, however. It’s the same propeller-like emblem that was introduced to the public back in 1917. The only difference is that they made it more 2-D to appeal to the people’s fondness for minimal logos. Also, the shading used consists of the same colors they had for their logo back in 1997. Last, they got rid of the black ring encircling the emblem and replaced it with a transparent one.

Not a lot of design aficionados regard the logo change as groundbreaking. Nevertheless, BMWs are still expensive.


Photo courtesy of Morning Brew

Japanese automobile maker Nissan is yet another car company that joined the long list of “Flat Logos” club last year. Unlike BMW, Nissan’s logo change is much more drastic, even more dramatic. From the emblem-like old one, the new Nissan logo looks more like something you can find from the Tron universe. The 3D metallic ring is replaced with a black, 2D one. They also got rid of the silver bar in the center where the brand name is placed. The new 2D logo may be a bit boring to some, but we’re pretty confident the change was a good move.

Burger King

gm-new-logo burger king new logo
Photo courtesy of Dezeen

Now, let’s take a break from talking about cars, and let’s talk about something we unanimously love: burgers! Yes, Burger King has been serving as affordable yet above-average burgers for more than 65 years now, but it took them a while to update their current logo situation. But, instead of going to the next level, they kind of regressed and went back closer to the classic one they used in the 70’s. Lisa Smith, the person behind the redesign, stated that they “kept coming back to the brand’s original iconic logo from 1969 and 1994 when Burger King looked its best.”

Now That GM Has A New Logo, What Do People Think?

The GM’s new logo signifies the positive outlook of the company towards a more sustainable future. However, the response of the people regarding the design is quite leaning towards the negative. We’re pretty sure few people have nothing but praises for the design and the company’s sustainable move. On the other hand, those who are vocal enough expressed their dismay on the comments section and their respective social media accounts.

A certain jon3931 who is, according to the post, a brand designer, left a comment on a Road And Track post regarding GM’s new logo.

“As a brand designer I like a surprising lowercase letterform as much as anyone but for an organisation with the history, footprint, strength and might of General Motors it’s a sad attempt at rejuvenation. I get it, they’re embracing electric. They have to to survive, period. But is it necessary to copy 10 year old telco and gaming visual language to communicate that? No, it’s not. This is tragically poor branding and symptomatic of a spiralling death throe.”

Jason Torchinsky wrote in Jalopnik that, although he’s not a fan of the new one, he despises the old logo as well. He also added that the new logo’s gradient element is what makes the design “jarring”.

“As you likely have heard from your valet shouting it at you, General Motors has updated its logo for the first time since 1964. This new logo modernizes the typographic elements, rounds some corners and, at least in some forms we’ve seen online, features some mildly dated and maybe even a bit embarrassing gradient and embossing effects. But, if we’re being totally honest, it’s not like GM’s old logo was anything special, either.”

Last, and in the spirit of fairness, we’ve come across a FB comment written by a Patricia Presnal Danielson that took a stab at the negative comments, calling it “short-sighted”. She wrote it on a post on, well, GM’s FB page.

“The negative remarks here are very short-sighted. It wasn’t long ago we rode around on horseback. Evolution of the vehicle and the mode of energy to power them are natural course of business and I would argue absolutely necessary. I am glad GM is looking to the future and embracing change. At least they aren’t just standing around saying “can’t be done” because obviously that isn’t the case. Kudos GM. I Look forward to the future and to your contribution in the dragging these dinosaur commenters kicking and screaming (like children) into the 21st century.”

How about you? What do you think of the GM’s new logo?

Why Your Car Dealership Needs A Strong Logo?

If you have a car dealership or any business for this matter, building a robust and identity-centric branding is crucial to your success. That’s why all dealerships should think their logo through before going down to the lion’s den. It will simply make or break you. And, taking GM’s new logo for example, your business will heavily depend on your brand, no matter how long the operation has been or how popular your products are all over the world. Below are some of the critical factors why unique logos are the first line to any business’s success.

Knowing Why You Should Have A Logo In The First Place

First of all, let’s define what a logo is. A logo is an image that has two purposes: It lets people know what your company is and what you can provide to them. Most logos are a merger of visuals and text. Your car dealership needs to add your company’s name and imagery that symbolizes what your business is all about. A logo vehemently lacks all explanation, that’s why your dealership’s logo shouldn’t be vague. Most car dealers have a car blended on their respective logos, which is quite effective.

The key takeaway here is to make your own logo impressive enough to let the people know that you are a dealership and drive the image into their minds, so it won’t be easily forgotten.

It Keeps People Loyal To Your Brand

You may like or hate the new GM logo. However, we understand why GM has done such a change. To explain this one briefly, the redesign is part of the company’s rebranding, which is an action they have to do in order to accommodate the growing market for electric vehicles. Although only time can tell whether they will sink or swim from it, the rebranding is a bold, impressive move on the part of the company as an attempt to keep their loyal fanbase more interested. As a car dealership, you might do the same in the near future.

Your Logo Is Your Silent Ambassador To… Everywhere!

This is something related to the first factor. For your dealership to survive the automotive industry, you need to be remembered by your target customers, whether old or new. This is something that logos excel at. If you have a great-looking logo, everyone can quickly tell and feel your presence once they see it anywhere. Great logos are useful when you bring your business someplace else, like a dealership convention such as NADA show that’s happening real soon. Want your business to impress people? You definitely need a great logo.

Tell Us What You Think About The New GM Logo!

Is it a yay or a nay? Please let us know by placing your comment in our FB post. Of course, car dealerships can’t just rely on the logo. Yes it is important. but that’s just one cog in the system. Every dealership needs the right tool, like a car recon that can help double the productivity and sales while slashing the time in half.

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