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Google Wallet: Now You Can Store Digital Car Keys In This App


The Google Wallet is making a comeback. And it comes with a feature that allows car owners to start cars using the app.

Perhaps Google’s aim is to replace your physical wallet in the future. The search engine giant announced that it’s bringing back the Google Wallet app. This replaces the old Google Pay app to give it more features than just mobile-friendly banking.

So how does the new Google Wallet work?

The old Wallet app acts as a gift card. The users can deposit a set amount of money and use it to buy items, pay bills, and do other monetary transactions like buying a car from a car marketplace. It works like a debit card; the only difference is that transactions go through Google only instead of the point of sale (merchant’s).

However, the new Google wallet would be able to do the same thing as the old one – and more. Using the new Google Wallet, you’d be able to use and store credit cards, buy and keep event tickets, and even use the app as your digital car key.

So can you use the the app now? The newly improved app is only available to 39 markets worldwide. However, users in the US and Singapore will have access to both Wallet and Pay apps. Pay will be primarily used for financial transactions, including fund transfers to friends and family.

This is not the first remodeled their software. Google launched its payment app back in 2015 and had its first revamping two years ago to make the app a hub to find discounts and track expenditures.

Using the app as car keys

Users can now use this app as their digital car keys. With this app, you can now start, lock, and unlock your car without using a physical key. However, this feature is only available for select vehicles and only works with Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. It can also work with a few Android devices operating in Android 12. Click here to learn more about using the Google Wallet as a digital car key.

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