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Carketa Is Coming To NADA 2022! What To Expect And Where To Find Us


The NADA 2022 is just around the Las Vegas corner, and Carketa will be there!

This is our second time participating in one of the most extensive dealer conventions on the planet, but we are just as excited. In fact, we are more excited as we get to meet new people and see old acquaintances in the flesh. Last year was a digital event, so we only participated online.

nada-2022 see you in vegas

What’s NADA About?

The National Automobile Dealers Association (or NADA, for short) is an association for car and truck dealerships. So what is NADA all about? This Virginia-based group is already running for more than 100 years and counting, representing about 16,500 franchise dealerships based locally and internationally.

NADA works as an association that looks after federal legislation and regulation that impact dealerships. In addition, they also help dealers move their businesses forward by learning about trends and disseminating the facts to their members. And to have a much better platform for ideas to share, they hold an annual convention to which Carketa will be on.

What’s the NADA 2022 About

The NADA Show and Convention will take place in Las Vegas. The three-day event will run from March 10th to 13th, 2022. The show expects thousands of attendees this year, as last year’s expo was full-on digital. And some, just like us, are excited to be in a physical event.

For this year, there will be five keynote speakers, which are the following:

  • Michael Alford, 2022 NADA Chairman
  • Paul Walser, 2021 NADA Chairman
  • Dana Perino, Author and Political Commentator
  • Michael Strahan, Athlete and Journalist
  • Travis Mills, Former US Army and Motivational Speaker

This year’s theme is all about the “electric future”. We say that because the show will focus on the evolving electric vehicle market. In addition, there will be hundreds of electric vehicles (EVs) to be displayed on showroom floors and a handful of industry leaders who will talk more on the subject matter.

See You At The NADA 2022 Show!

If you’re going to the NADA 2022 show, we would be more than happy to meet you. Let’s have a little chat about how we can help shift your dealership processes from manual to digital, “electric way”. So come visit us at our booth 7135N, and we MIGHT have cookies!

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