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Customize & Automate Recon Process

Customize & Automate Recon Process

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  • Customizable
  • Add or remove steps to conform to your processes
  • Approve or deny repairs on your PPI
  • Dashboard Metrics
  • Track your time to market in each step of the process
  • Track your employee productivity
  • Track your completed vehicles Monthly, Weekly, Daily
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Carketa Recon has been a game changer for us. Whether you are managing 20 cars or 500 cars Green Light is the solution. It makes tracking inventory and maintaining a fast time to market easy. The software is built to make it so easy that anyone can do it. Now we are able to spend more time selling cars rather than worrying about them getting to the front line.

Erik Schofield

Coo, Action Auto utah

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As we continue into the future of the automotive industry its never been more important to dial in-process metrics. What are your average days to market? What are the bottlenecks? How many cars are you completing though the reconditioning process daily, weekly and monthly? These are all questions you may want to ask yourself on the road to reducing holding cost increasing profitability and ultimately selling more cars.

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Customizable Dashboard

Take control REMOTELY. Carketa Recon creates the ultimate command center to manage your processes from anywhere in the world.
  • Track time spent in each step of the process.
  • Track Employee productivity
  • Manage your wholesale units
  • And more ...
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