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Super Bowl 2022 Car Commercials: What Car And Football Lovers Should Look Out For

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Aside from the game itself, some people are also anticipating the Super Bowl 2022 car commercials. This one is for them.

The Super Bowl 56 is set to happen on Sunday, February 13, 2022, at the Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium. It’s going to be an exciting battle between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. But there’s one more thing that’s exciting to a good number of Americans: Super Bowl commercials. And since we belong to the automotive industry, we are going to list down the Super Bowl car commercials here.

But why is there a lot of riding with Super Bowl commercials? One, it’s hard to get an ad slot during the Super Bowl. Being included in the roster of ads during this gigantic sporting event is a feat a company or brand can be proud of. And since it’s just a once-a-year thing, the commercials aired during the game are some of the flashiest and expensive you’ll ever see. But with more than 100 million viewers this year, there’s going to be some sort of ROI from these ads.

On top of that, to lessen the cost of producing these ads, some companies release their ads earlier online. That said, here are the Super Bowl 2022 car commercials released so far.


This has got to be one of the wittiest Super Bowl car commercials for this year. To promote their electric line, BMW appealed to the gods and asked for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek to do the job. This funny commercial has Schwarzenegger and Hayek portrayed as Zeus and Hera respectively, who recently retired and have a hard time adjusting to living among us. To wash away the blues, Hera decided to give Zeus an all-electric BMW as a pick-me-up.

General Motors

For those who grew up watching Austin Powers, you will feel nostalgic with this one. But don’t get your high hopes up. Austin Powers doesn’t appear in this one. Instead, Mike Myers plays Dr. Evil who takes over the GM headquarters. With him is his band of cronies Frau (Mindy Sterling), Scott Evil (Seth Green), and Number Two (Rob Lowe).


For Nissan’s entry, it’s all about the action. And judging from their ad, they are trying to level with the excitement of the games. Nissan’s Super Bowl commercial ad also has a roster of A-listers; Eugene Levy, Brie Larson, Catherine O’Hara, and Dave Bautista, among others. The ad defies both logic and physics, but that’s the usual fare for action movies, right? Prior to the Super Bowl game, Nissan will also create a huge campaign wherein they will create a fake movie titled “Thrill Driver”, revolving around the ad.


Hyundai signed Jason Bateman to lead their ad, wherein viewers will be taken back to time when everything wasn’t “smart”. This is to promote the car company’s Ioniq 5, an all-electric “smart” crossover that comes with a lot of futuristic features. However, the ad won’t be played during the game itself, but it will have some spots during the play-offs and an out-of-home campaign during the week.


And the last (but not least) on this list of Super Bowl 2022 Car Commercials is Kia’s entry. For their ad, they didn’t get any celebrities. Instead, they have a robot dog who is looking for someone to adopt it. Although the messaging is simple (KIA EV6 onboard charger can plug other electronic devices), the ad looks like it has a massive amount of budget

Which one is your favorite Super Bowl 2022 Car Commercial?

Here’s to wishing both the Bengals and the Rams the best of luck this Sunday! And if you’re looking for a vehicle – not quite the ones promoted by these Super Bowl 2022 commercials but just as good – then check out this car marketplace. Each car in the 30,000+ inventory comes with its own vehicle condition report. These condition reports help ease online buyers and raise their confidence when buying cars online.

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