Win over your digital marketplace!
Win over your digital marketplace!

Your Modern-day Used Car Department's Best Friend!

Our Products

  • Carketa Appraisal
  • Carketa Reconditioning
  • Carketa Digital Condition Report
  • Carketa Capital
  • Carketa Auctions
  • Carketa Connect
  • Carketa Retail Customer Aquisition
Increase sales and grow market share with actionable and predictive insights that go beyond traditional inventory life cycle tracking. Move your business forward with a dynamic approach to inventory management that promotes a superior brand and customer experience.
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Carketa Appraisal

Better buying decisions with Carketa
Carketa Appraisal provides book value data and real time live market data so you can make winning buying decisions.

Reconditioning Software

The most advanced solution on the market.
Speak to one of our recon specialists today and learn how Carketa Recon can save you time, money, and sanity.

Condition Reports

Take your current MPI’S Digital!
Capitalize on your existing dealership’s process. Build value back into your vehicles

Carketa Marketplace

We are a better car buying experience. Powered by Carketa Condition Reports.
Carketa condition reports give consumers the information and confidence needed to make an educated buying decision from the comfort of their home.

Carketa's 3 Easy Steps

What’s your missed opportunity of vehicles sitting on the lot not “ready for sale”?

Vehicles x Profit x Number of vehicles in recon x Depreciation = Missed Opportunity

Carketa provides you with the most advanced easy to use solution on the market all while capturing quality and brand recognition in the Carketa Condition Report.

Step 1

Build your customizable recon process compatible with any DMS. Directly connect your auto feed of inventory. ( Think of this as a connecting funnel to automatically port your vehicles into our system driving vehicles to the the “Front line” as fast and as organized as possible. )

Step 2

Create your user accounts and attach them to departments or steps. No need for another messaging app to communicate.

Step 3

Assign users automated user assignments and tasks and let Carketa go to work. Managing your dealership processes has never been easier. Multiple departments. One command center.

Partners Testimonials

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How can Carketa help your Dealership?

Inventory Life Cycle Management

  • Carketa is the only inventory management tool focusing on the ability to manage every stage from acquisition to sold.
  • Carketa Appraisal promotes better buying decisions. Buy vehicles that sell quickly, producing your target margin, all at the click of a button.
  • Carketa Recon sets in stone the best practices and process that gets vehicles front line ready fast, while streamlining accountability, vendor and staff communication and cost control.
  • Carketa Connect harmonizes communication between fixed ops and sales while also identifying and qualifying buyers for vehicles before they are even ready for sale.
  • Carketa Condition Report widens the market online while building trust with distance buyers and in store visitors.

Buy Better Recon Smarter Reach Further Sell more

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Carketa is now part of your DMS with its new Chrome Extension!

Using Carketa is easy as it is. But the Carketa Chrome Extension makes it even easier. To use it, simply hover over the VIN number and pull all the Carketa information without ever leaving your DMS. Track information such as…
  • Reconditioning step
  • Condition report
  • Location tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • many more...
It runs as a direct integration, so you can use the extension regardless of the DMS you have.
Drive sales through Automated Processes!

Host your condition report anywhere!

Now host your Carketa Condition report directly on your website and third-party websites increasing consumer confidence and improving the digital retailing experience. Carketa gives consumers a reason to purchase with your dealership capitalizing on your dealerships quality and reconditioning process. Schedule a demo today for more information! Digital Retailing just got easier!
Increase Consumer Confidence!

We work with the BEST!

Carketa Recon

With Carketa Recon, new & used car dealerships are saving time and increasing profit. Gone are the days of tracking your recon on paper, whiteboards, or even spreadsheets. Experience true dynamic workflow that automates your reconditioning process and allows you to manage the process from anywhere, on any device.
Sell More Cars Faster!

What you get with Carketa Condition Report

  • Reach more customers
  • Increase test drive conversion rates
  • Compete in the digital market
  • Digitize and promote your inspection process
  • Showcase vehicle quality with your existing recon process
  • Ditch the paper checklist and take your current MPI digital
Acquire Online Buyers!


In everything we do, we believe in a better car buying experience. That’s why we created a marketplace like no other. Powered by the Carketa Condition Report, Carketa.com has more vehicle information allowing customers to make a more informed purchasing decision.
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Carketa Mobile Application

Manage your Recon Process with automation. The Carketa mobile application does the heavy lifting with GPS tracking, Automated work assignments, dynamic workflow, department communication and more. Manage your complete process from acquisition to sold from your mobile phone.
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Carketa Recon APP Features

  • VIN Scanner
Simply scan the VIN and let the software do the thinking. Know the vehicle’s current step of the process within seconds. Add vehicles to your recon process quickly and easily. When the automatic port comes in the morning, no need to worry, our smart system matches without duplication. Managing high volume has never been easier with Carketa.
  • Share Reports
When is the last time you bought a car online without a condition report? Exactly. Why would you expect anything different for a consumer? Sharing the Carketa Condition Report bridges the digital gap setting you apart from the competition. Give consumers another reason to do business with you. Highlight the quality and enhance transparency with Carketa.
  • Manage Workflow
We don’t want to change your process. We simply want to enhance it with our fully customize-able workflow. Track every step of the process and know exactly what’s slowing you down. “Your dealerships only as good as your processes”. We want you to win!
  • Track Expenses
Tag and track your expenses quickly and easily. We make it simple for your team to input vehicle expenses and upload receipts for parts and labor. Once that’s done, your bookkeeper can search by dates and input reconditioning expenses. “The better the tools the better the team”

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We’ve got Answers.

We help dealerships sell more cars by getting vehicles frontline ready faster than ever and increasing customer reach and conversion rates.

Well, we believe it’s us, and we have great reasons for believing that. Every day, another dealership switches from other reconditioning softwares to Carketa Recon to save money while also getting a better recon software. If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is!


We believe a recon tool should make things easier. You shouldn’t need to pick and choose which employees need access the most. Add as many users as needed to help your team communicate and get work done faster.

We help dealerships realize additional profit in two ways: 1) We significantly decrease recon expenses by streamlining the recon process and decreasing holding costs. 2) We help you sell more cars by reaching more customers and converting on more sales. 

Want to see how much your dealership can save? Check out our calculator here.

We developed the Carketa Vin Scanner to make tracking your vehicles easier than ever. Simply scan the vehicle to manage your recon process, share sales information with customers, or update information on your vehicles. If the vehicle has been completed you can bring it back with a click of a button. And… Yes our scanner reads QR codes found on most GM Vehicles.

Yes, Carketa chat is available on both our mobile application and desktop computer.

Yes, we have a feature that allows used car managers to approve or deny repairs depending on the permission levels on their account. If the manager approves a repair our system will automatically create a work order for your tech. Taking that one step further you can actually expense parts and repairs directly from our software.

The answer is yes, CarKeta is a DMS Software tool. We work with the best. We have and are actively working with some of the biggest DMS software companies in the business.

Of course. Our goal is not to change your processes but to simply enhance them. SAAS (Software as a service) We work for you. Together we win! 🏅

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