We bring in car market leads to help you grow your business.

Thousands of people shop our marketplace and check our car inventory every day! Have your vehicles seen by people shopping locally and across the nation.
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Reach car market customers looking for your vehicle

What’s your missed opportunity of vehicles sitting on the lot not “ready for sale”?

1. Link your DMS

We’re partnered with all the major DMS systems to make the setup easy. Simply authorize the link and your vehicles are up on the marketplace. They will automatically list when ready for sale and delete once sold.

2. Setup your Leads

Setup is easy. Once we’ve linked to the DMS, simply tell us where to send the leads. We’ll start sending interested customers to your ADF email or any sales email.

3. Sell More Cars

It’s that easy. Why are you still reading this? Request a demo and start selling more cars in our car market! What are you waiting for?

A marketplace like no other.

Seamless integration with Carketa Condition Report gives our marketplace a shopping experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Reach more local car market customers and customers across the nation.
Carketa has partnered with a large number of used car dealerships across the country, strengthening its reputation as one of the most trustworthy dms software apps out in the market today.
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Carketa is powering the Dealership Industry

Carketa is expanding your network in order to help you maximize profits and provide inventory solutions. With access to 60,000+ units, your ability to be versatile with today’s markets grows exponentially.
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