Better Buying and Liquidation Decisions

  • Live Market Data
  • Book Values
  • Vehicle Appraisals
  • Pricing Information
  • Auction Run lists
  • Profit Calculator
  • Trade Appraisal Proccess

The money is made in the buy! Give your dealership all the information needed to make the best buying and liquidation decisions starting at acquisition and ending within your process.  We have created the first of its kind all-in-one command center that integrates with any DMS.

Your process one app.

The Carketa App comes with a Car Valuation Tool, a more detailed pricing and appraisal VIN Scanner tool that uses numerous external sources to provide updated vehicle information. Whether you’re looking for the used car’s history information or its aesthetic values, Carketa’s got you covered. When you have all the information on the palm of your hands, you’ll be able to buy and sell cars much faster.



Carketa values great user experience. That’s why every product we have, including the Car Valuation tool, is developed to be as user-friendly as possible. All essential details are included and easy to locate so it’s not hard to find what you need to know.

Real time

With Carketa, there’s no guessing and second guessing. Unlike other DMS software tools out there in the market, data is updated always so you’ll know the accurate information real time. That way, you’ll be able to save time from researching and comparing gathered datas.

Drive the success of your dealership from one tool.


Key Features



One of the key benefits of our Car Valuation tool is the VIN scanner, which allows you to pull up market data and  book values by simply scanning the VIN number. Aside from the VIN Scanner, you can also use the tool to pull up car information using a QR Code or a special text from the mobile app.


You also have the ability to enter the vehicle information manually into our intuitive search functions to pull the retail value of your vehicle. Search all makes and models to find the information you need to price your vehicles right.


We understand the expense and work that goes into your reconditioning process. With recon integration, you can make informed decisions on how to move forward with your sales process.


Carketa has developed a system that integrates your CARFAX account to the valuation tool. Pull the CARFAX report to assist in the valuation process. View the vehicle history, current condition, and your recon process all in the same app.


Utilize the scanning feature and pull the vehicle value in seconds! Let the system do the work for you.
When pulling up the vehicle value, we match your search with local comps to give you the best, most accurate evaluation. Using this tool, you can stay competitive in your local market and even reach outside your usual demographic.


It is now easier to manage every valuation process by using the app. The Carketa Valuation Tool app is now available on the IOS APP store and Google Play.


Trade-ins can be tricky, so let Carketa’s Valuation Tool take the guesswork out of it. Paired with Carketa’s Current Condition Report, you can easily have an accurate estimate of the trade-in value of any vehicle.

From Acquisition to Sold we provide the DATA

  • Better Buying Decistions
  • Active Inventory Management
  • Trade in Appraisals
  • Average turn and market day supply statistics
  • Recon Management integration
  • Black Book Integration
  • Kelly Blue Book
  • MMR
  • Geographical Market Statistics
  • And More..

Data-driven decisions

Increase sales, and grow market share with actionable and predictive insights that go beyond traditional inventory life cycle tracking. Move your business forward with a dynamic approach to inventory management that promotes a superior brand and customer experience.

"The most helpful software for dealerships!"

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