Carketa Condition Reports are the standard for dealership and private party inspections. Our unique Inspector Accuracy Rating ensures quality while empowering dealerships to provide the best vehicles possible to the customer.

Our Condition Reports empower your vehicles to compete in the digital space.

It is no secret that car shopping has changed. Customers are spending more and more time researching online before reaching out to the dealership. This has created new opportunities in the car industry for companies that sell their vehicles exclusively online. This is done through current condition reports. Finally, dealerships can offer this same service to their customers and compete in online like never before.

How can Carketa Reports help your dealership?

The market has evolved

We are changing the way people buy cars


What you get with

Carketa Current Condition Reports:

  • 250+ point mechanic inspection
  • Carketa Mechanical Grade rating
  • Emission check where applicable
  • Title check included
  • Tire preview shows tread depth
  • Submit repairs to improve report


More and more car dealerships and car directories are using the Carketa Reports tool, including KSL.COM, NexGen Motors, Ricart Automotive, and counting!

Build Trust

Reach your customers where they are shopping online. Having a Carketa Report helps your vehicle stand out in the crowd and give you a leg up on the competition.


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Overcome objections. Reach more customers online. Sell out of state. Close the deal the same day.

Whatever your motivation, Carketa Condition Reports will help you get there. We’ve helped dealerships improve their close ratio by as much as 15%.

We have a vast network of Carketa Certified Inspection Stations to complete reports across the country. All inspection stations must complete the Carketa University to ensure quality. 

Have a mechanic that already does your inspections? Speak to one of our specialists. We’re adding inspections stations every day.

The answer is quite simple on this one. If you think about it, when is the last time you bought a vehicle online without a CR? Exactly. We feel like a report is a missing piece to a digital retail transaction.

Yes, every Carketa Condition report comes with a detailed history report identifying actual miles and title status.

Absolutely, we have dealerships all across the country with Carketa condition reports hosted on their website and other third-party marketplaces increasing transparency and improving customer experience.

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