Carketa Connect builds a marketplace before vehicles are "FOR SALE"

Carketa Connect is the “Amazon” for vehicles building sales momentum from the time of acquisition to the front line. Automatically or manually tag customers to vehicles coming through the recon process and let Carketa Connect do the rest!
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What is Carketa Connect?

Carketa Connect lets you say “SOLD” long before the recon process finishes. This recon tool comes up with detailed reports and automatically updates customers on how the reconditioning process is going with fully customizable notifications. This way, you’ll be able to sell while the vehicle is undergoing the recon process.

Carketa Connect ensures automation and quality customer experience as you drive down turn time.

Our recon tool automatically stores consumer information once they connect to you or show interest in your vehicles. With customer data in hand, no time will go to waste and sales opportunities will increase.

How does Carketa Connect work?

Store leads manually
When someone has opted in to “Carketa Connect”, the person icon will show up on the Recon Pop-up.
Store leads from the retail site, the Carketa marketplace
When leads come in from the retail side of the site, they fill out the form on the inspections page section. Those customers are saved on the “vehicles page” for that vehicle and will always stay there.
Text / push notifications
Once the consumer agrees to receive notifications through the process, they will be automatically notified on every auto recon process step from the dealership via text, push notifications, and email. These notifications are completely customizable.

Carketa Connect Details


Sell vehicles before they are “for sale”