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Carketa Dealers Sell Better Cars. Here Are The Reasons Why.


Carketa surpasses 200 dealer partners across the United States and Canada! From reconditioning to valuation, Carketa is here to streamline your dealership & grow your profit. You’ll sell more cars, in less time for more money!

Better Processes

Gone are the days that dealerships have to spend a big chunk of their time daily to check on the processes. With Carketa Recon Tool, dealers don’t need to run from department to department. Every process they need is right in the software, so they can check anytime, anywhere. With the processes within reach, dealers can focus on other priorities like car sales and providing better customer service.


Software and mobile applications are valuable. They allow us to save more time and become more efficient with our business. But what’s more efficient and time-saving? By having most, if not all, the processes you need under one program or software. And the Carketa App is just like that. There’s no need for dealers to open multiple apps just to get things going; you only need one app, and you’re good to go.

Enhanced Transparency

Bringing business online is a smart move. This exposes your business to more people who can be potential customers. But there is one problem; transparency is questionable. One can never give 100% trust when dealing with someone over a business, especially in big purchases such as cars. So, what can you do as a dealership? The answer is simple; become more transparent. With Carketa’s Vehicle Condition Report, you can provide more detailed information for every vehicle being sold. And with Carketa’s Car Valuation Tool, customers would know the actual value of the vehicle they choose.

Digital MPI (Multi-Point Inspection)

Not all vehicle conditions are alike. Most condition reports only have little information that car buyers will always find lacking. Some are even disorganized that buyers are going to be overwhelmed, not because of the data but because of how the condition report displays itself. Carketa’s Vehicle Condition Report is neither lacking nor disorganized. It uses a multi-point inspection, and each information is placed so that buyers will get what they need to know in just a few seconds. Plus, it’s digital, so anyone can view it anywhere. Check Carketa inventory here.

Condition Report Accuracy Rating

Another factor that keeps people from buying vehicles online is the accuracy of the information provided. Carketa doesn’t just offer transparency; we also value transparency equally. Most of our condition reports have a 98% accuracy rating. This makes Carketa dealers provide more confidence to customers when they buy vehicles online.

Schedule a 15 minute today and get started selling more cars, in less time, for more money with Carketa!

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