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Dealership Auction

Finally, a dealership auction site that’s above other dealer auctions. Your dealership command center can now help you acquire and liquidate inventory. Powered by Carketa Recon and Condition Reports, Carketa Auction’s is  raising the bar so you can buy and sell with confidence.

Buy and Sell Inventory through Carketa Auction

60K+ Vehicles to Shop

Carketa is expanding your network in order to help you maximize profits and provide inventory solutions. With access to 60,000+ units, your ability to be versatile with today’s markets grows exponentially.
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Carketa’s wholesale network integrates directly with your Carketa Inventory management solution making it simple to buy and sell all from one centralized solution. Carketa Auctions is directly integrated with the Carketa Condition report maximizing your customer acquisition both on the retail and wholesale front.

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Buying Highlights

  • Receive auction notifications directly in Carketa
  • View Condition Reports before you buy
  • Proxy Bid with confidence using the Carketa Appraisal Tool
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Selling Highlights

  • Share your condition reports to increase the value of your vehicle
  • Receive instant offers on inventory
  • Receive auction notifications directly in Carketa
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Carketa Wholesale Features

Available on Mobile and Desktop
Whether in the office or on the go, manage your buying and selling with ease.
Nationwide Access
Carketa’s nationwide customer base breaks barriers of local markets.
Auction Events
Carketa Wholesale allows dealer groups to set up specialized auctions such as timed, traditional, or even themed auctions. This allows dealers to funnel potential buyers to their listings.
Retail/Wholesale Listing
Vehicles listed in the marketplace can continue to be sold retail allowing you to increase your customer base and inventory visibility without any additional effort.
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Carketa is your modern day solution.

car auctions online

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