Recon Tool: Getting Started

In this section, we’ll go over the basics to get your account set up. If you have not set up an inventory port with your DMS provider, please contact our sales team or your account manager for assistance.

In this video, we will show you where and how to login. If you haven’t downloaded the app, search “Carketa” on the Android or App Store. If you’re on your phone, simply click this link: Download Carketa App

View Step by Step Guide: Logging into Carketa (1 min 30 sec)


In this video, we will quickly get familiar with navigating the app, navigating menus, and locating training materials.

Watch Video: Navigating the Carketa App (3 min)


This is our final step in the Getting Started process. Having all of your employees and staff set up with their own user is vital to effectively tracking your recon process. Follow the steps in the video to add a user for each member of your team.

Watch Video: Adding Users (3 min)