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Carketa Recon provides the best reconditioning experience on the market with our patented true dynamic workflow system. See how you can save time and money.

Goodbye, Hassle.

With Carketa Recon, dealerships are saving time and increasing profit. Gone are the days of tracking your recon on paper, whiteboards, or even spreadsheets. Experience true dynamic workflow that automates your reconditioning process and allows you to manage the process from anywhere, on any device.

Managing Inventory has never been this fast

Inventory is dreaded by many. But with the Carketa Recon App, inventory is something anyone could look forward to. Our software allows you to manage wholesale and retail inventory at a faster pace and a more organized setting. Don’t spend and ruin your day doing manual inventory – let the Carketa Recon App do the work for you!
Manage your processes with Automation

What makes Carketa Recon Different?

Key Features



Our automated process moves you through the recon process faster.



Manage the Recon Tool anywhere from any devices.



Locate and add vehicles so easily, it’s like magic.



Always know what work is being done on a vehicle and where it is in the process.



Track time spent in each step of the recon process.



Carketa Recon integrates with all DMS providers.



Create expense reports and easily track expenses by vehicle.



Full integration with pre-purchase inspections and repairs.

Customize & Automate your Recon Process

The Best Dealerships Choose Carketa

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Carketa creates an operational command center connecting all your deparments.

Carketa Recon

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What you get with Carketa Condition Report

The industry has changed. Competing in the digital marketplace is vital to the success of dealerships large and small. We seamlessly generate a digital condition report for you as part of your current process. We don’t want to change your process we want to simply automate and build value in your dealership.
  • 250+ point mechanical inspection
  • Vehicle History Check
  • Vehicle Value Check
  • Report Website Integration
  • Automated Repair Approval
  • Compete in the online marketplace
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We’ve got Answers.
Well we believe it’s us and we have great reasons for believing that. Every day, another dealership switches from other reconditioning softwares to Green Light Recon to save money while also getting a better recon software. If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is!

We believe a recon tool should make things easier. You shouldn’t need to pick and choose which employees need access the most. Add as many users as needed to help your team communicate and get work done faster.
Carketa Recon is designed to automate the process which means you do not need to assign a task to a given department or user, but we made it possible anyway. Simply tag a user or group of users to alert them to begin working on that vehicle.
Absolutely, Caketa Chat makes it simple to communicate with your team directly from the platform with detailed push notifications converted from the desktop or our mobile application.
Yes, we work with the best. Carketa is actively working with some of the biggest names in DMS software in the industry.
Tracking reconditioning expenses has never been easier. Expense your reconditioning expenses directly from our mobile app with detailed monthly reports.

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