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Here’s What The Utah Monolith Is For, According To Jeep


Have you heard of that strange, peculiar monolith that popped out of nowhere in Utah? This is what the carmaker Jeep thinks about it.

To give you a back story, news about strange monoliths have been appearing not just in Utah but also in other locations worldwide. The monoliths are phallic in shape and are made of shiny metal. Many conspiracy theorists, and equally confused individuals, came up with how these structures ended up where they are. Some say aliens did it, while others argue that it’s a very elaborate prank purported by a group of people worldwide.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Jeep, however, has the answer. Or so it may appear.

While people are debating on what these monoliths really are, the American car manufacturer made it an inspiration for their offbeat ad/meme campaign. Jeep just unveiled their Wrangler 4xe. To attract customers’ attention, they released a photo of 4xe beside the monolith that is now transformed as a charging station. Creative ad agency highdive is behind this meme campaign.

Now, it’s unlikely for the monolith to be a charging station. However, it does make sense due to Jeep Wranglers are made to go off-road, and the Utah Monolith is located in an off-road area.

Photo by highdive

Did The Meme Campaign Go Well?

According to the reactions garnered by Jeep, the quirky material seemed to work well for them. After posting, the photos became viral on different social media platforms. The photo, posted on Jeep’s official page, broke the record for the most reactions and shares on their channel. It is also the third most retweeted post in Jeep this year and the post with the third-highest likes in Jeep’s official Instagram account.

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Photo from Jeep website

About the 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

Utah monolith meme aside, let’s talk about the new 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe. First of all, it’s pronounced as four-by-E. Second of all, the 2021 Wrangler 4xe is Jeep’s first hybrid jeep. It is a plug-in hybrid that runs with a 400V set-up and comes with regenerative braking. The 400V may mean slower charging capability than, say, a Porsche Taycan. However, it comes with 17kWh lithium-ion battery, so you’ll get farther.

Though it’s hybrid, Jeep promises that the 4xe still has the power that other four-door Wranglers out in the market have. As a matter of fact, both 4xe entry-level and higher-level specs are far better than their fuel-powered counterparts. For example, the ground clearance of the 4xe Sahara models is 10.1 inches. That’s a bit higher compared to the 9.7-inch ground clearance of some Wrangler Sport and Sahara models. In addition, the 4xe Rubicon’s ground clearance is 10.8 inches, similar to the other Rubicons.

It’s still early to find a Jeep Wrangler 4xe in any used car dealerships. However, Jeep Wranglers are available. Jeep Wrangler’s prices vary from dealership to dealership, so it’s better to use a car valuation tool that can help determine average prices. For example, this 2014 Jeep Wrangler right here has an average market value of $33,233.

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